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    Is Stress Ruling Your Life Without Your Knowing It?

    You need a "Canary Bead©" so that you can relieve your stress!

    Our psychic biopsychophysiologist, Dr. Bo Limasa*, has developed the new Canary Beads© system specifically designed to sense the stress in your life. Canary Beads© sense the inner variations in your ‘Stressed Aura’ via the changes in personal magnetic fields in conjunction with your planetary alignments and past lives. When your stress levels are near your PERSONAL MAXIMUM tolerable levels, the Canary Bead© will fracture, thereby warning you of the potential catastrophic alignment of malignant forces in your life before these evil forces can do any permanent damage to your "Aura" (Warning: if the bead explodes with a shearing or explosive force, you should imbibe in some immediately, temporary relief).

    With the Canary Bead© Psychic Detection System© you will know when to take that dream vacation to protect yourself! If a medical doctor prescribes your vacation based on the Canary Bead© diagnosis, the costs of your trip may even be tax deductible.

    A canary bead that has performed it’s service!

    Do not accept just any old yellow glass bead as a Canary Bead©. Most glass beads sold at trade shows and over the internet have been annealed and tempered. Annealing is a process where glass beads are exposed to harmful excessive radiation energy to anneal them. The annealing process destroys the ability of even basic cheap regular glass to detect and respond to the minuscule changes in forces around the glass. Not only are Canary Beads© not annealed they have a proprietary composition to increase their sensitivity to the hidden world of force swirling around our bodies.

    So just as the Canary Bird warned miners about bad air in the mines, your Canary Beads© will alert you to your impending psychic disasters.

    Accept no substitutes!

    Purchase your Canary Beads© today!!

    *University of Balbi Bodegas School of Medicine & Viniculture.